Mirrored Wall Decor

Mirrored Wall Decor

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Category : Wall Art
White and gray frame. Made from wood and mirror. 48 in. W x 2 in. D x 42 in. H. Have you been looking for an exceptional wall decor? If you have been, then you should consider this wood mirror wall decor. With a unique design, this wood mirror wall decor wont make a lot of sense at first sight. But the connected nature of the triangular pieces gives it its look and meaning. It will add a certain glitter to your wall and remove any blandness that it might have. This wall decor is also made from quality materials. This ensures that it will last for years with only a minimal amount of maintenance, like dusting. It will be perfect for modern homes. This wall decors abstract theme will go well with the themes that are prevalent in modernism. Guests will surely quiz you about it. And there lies the success of its design. So dont wait around. Get this wood mirror wall decor today.
Tags : Decor

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Brand : Benzara

Price : 492.68


Mirrored Wall Decor

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