Impressive Wall Decor

Impressive Wall Decor

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Category : Wall Art
Gray color. Made from metal. 60 in. W x 2 in. D x 40 in. H. Do you want a wall decor item that will send those who look at it into a thinking tizzy? Looking for a wall decor that will make people think and contemplate? Well, if you want to have those effects on those who see your wall decor then you need this particular metal wall decor. In what are oval shapes covered with a metal lace, this metal wall decor definitely tries to say something deeper. It is a postmodern art in the sense that it gives is the option to interpret what it is trying to say. Additionally, this metal wall decor has been made using quality materials; this ensures that it will last in tiptop condition for years to come. All who see it will be impressed, and hence flood you with complements. Surely a perfect item for modern homes: it will add the wow-factor, definitely.
Tags : Decor

Product Specs:

Brand : Benzara

Price : 230.12


Impressive Wall Decor

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