Deep Metal Wall Art

Deep Metal Wall Art

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Category : Wall Art
Made from metal. Gray finish. 47 in. W x 2 in. D x 47 in. H (25.96 lbs.). Do you admire horses, and the way they serve us humans? Well, if you do then you will love to display this admiration of yours with the help of a wall art. This particular metal wall art is one amazing creation. With a mother horse and her child, this wall art has been painted in minimal colors on a metal frame. There is deeper art hidden in the simple portrayal of that bond which can only be understood after probing the mind. All who see it will certainly be impressed. Perfect for the living room, or for that matter any room in your home, this metal wall art will garner the attention of all. It will also be perfect for the modern home with its unique themes and simple color schemes. Indeed, this is the metal wall art to own.
Tags : Decor

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Brand : Benzara

Price : 394.14


Deep Metal Wall Art

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