Sarreid Soccerball Stool

Sarreid Soccerball Stool

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Category : Stool
Shown in Natural Leather finish. Nearly 50 years ago, Sarreid Ltd began crafting its exceptional collection of high quality unique home furnishings that continue to capture the beauty of the past whie offering fresh new looks to traditional forms. Searching bazaars, open air markest and antiques dealers for all kind of great "finds" The result is a collection of beautiful home furnishings that's rare and unusual, and only comes about over time and exposure.Round stool; sewn in sections; Leather upholstered; Product info furnished by Carolina Rustica.
Tags : Stool, Home, Family, Furniture

Product Specs:

Brand : Sarreid
Model : 29377
Color : Natural Leather

Price : 363.00


Sarreid Soccerball Stool

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