Focus S Chrome Shower System Combo

Focus S Chrome Shower System Combo

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Category : Showers and Tubs
Raindance E 120 AIR 3-jet showerhead with included 6 in. standard shower arm. S and E pressure balance trim with two handle style options. Tub spout with diverter. Warranty: Lifetime. 19 in. W x 11.25 in. D x 10 in. H (9.57 lbs.) The more minimal the environment, the more important the detail. Where clarity rules and the art of omission is perfected, every line has to be absolutely right. Bath and shower fixtures in the modern style world set new standards in this discipline. Function meets unmistakable design, creating new paradigms for the bath..
Tags : Bathroom

Product Specs:

Brand : Hansgrohe

Price : 295.11


Focus S Chrome Shower System Combo

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