Boston Armless Chair

Boston Armless Chair

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Category : Office Furniture
Subtle curves. Rounded corners and edges. Top back is made from 1.25 in. lumber and steam bent for strength, comfort and style. Seat is made from 1.5 in. lumber. Seat joints are held together with a high grade of glue. Double saddled and rounded seat front for maximum comfort and style. Front legs are made from 2 in. square lumber and are tapered to 1.25 in. at the bottom. Back legs are made from 1.25 in. lumber and are band sawed to shape. Seat rails are made from 1.5 in. lumber and all stretchers are made from 1 in. solid wood. 3 in. screw is placed through the center of each adjoining leg for extra stability and strength. Chair equipped with rubber cushion metal glides. Made from oak. Seat: 20.75 in. W x 18.25 in. D x 19.25 in. H. Overall: 20 in. W x 23.75 in. D x 32.25 in. H. Warranty . Care and Maintenance .
Tags : Office

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Brand : Jasper Community

Price : 674.00


Boston Armless Chair

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