Floral Wall Mirror

Floral Wall Mirror

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Category : Mirrors
Tall rectangular design. loral-leaf design in eye-pleasing colors. 2 in. frame thickness. Multicolor. 14 in. W x 45 in. H (8.8 lbs.). Have you been searching high and low for a mirror that is at the center of a lovely frame? Looking for a mirror that will capture everyones attention instantly? Well, search no further because this wall mirror will do just that. The mirror is located at the center of this frame-and complements, almost merges with it as if it were one. Not only will this mirror provide you with a true reflection, but will also add to the beauty of your room. Plus it has been made using quality materials. This ensures that it will last for years to come, with only the minimal maintenance of wiping and dusting it one in a while. Perfect for most homes, this wall mirror will capture many hearts; so consider getting it today.
Tags : Decor

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Brand : Benzara

Price : 298.14


Floral Wall Mirror

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