Pressure Filter

Pressure Filter

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Category : Lawn and Garden
Multi stage biological and mechanical filtration process provides maximum pond filtration. Large foam surface provides increased filtration and beneficial bacteria to thrive and naturally clean pond pollutants. Unique external pressure indicator shows green when filter is performing properly and shows red when filter cleaning is necessary. Meant to be partially buried. Pressurized filter ideal for use with waterfall applications. Easy and secure sealing mechanism ensures positive seal and easy operation. Universal connectors fit 0.75 in. to 1.5 in. tubing. Warranty: Two years. Made from plastic. 11 in. Dia. x 15 in. H (9.6 lbs.) 1000 Gallon Filter:. Filter capacity: 1000 gallons. Pond size: 1056 gallons. Inlet-outlet: 0.75 in. to 1.5 in. 2000 Gallon Filter:. Filter capacity: 2000 gallons. Pond size: 1800 gallons. Inlet-outlet: 0.75 in. to 1.5 in. . Care Instruction . Our Bio-pure pressure filter is ideal for pond owners wanting simplicity, clear water, and a filter system that can be easily hidden.
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Brand : Alpine Fountains

Price : 216.79


Pressure Filter

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