Childrens Toy Pyramid of Play

Childrens Toy Pyramid of Play

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Category : Kids Play
Your child will just love this 27" tall Playtime Toy Game Pyramid and you'll enjoy watching him or her develop crucial visual, spatial and motor skills. Four fun activities are featured on each side with a busy roller coaster on top! The cleverly designed Children's Toy Pyramid of Play provides four different activities with a Busy Rollercoaster on top! Kids will find fun and amusement alone or with friends while the colors, patterns and games help develop spatial and motor skills. This play pyramid is great for either home or child care center use. Parts and colors might vary from what is pictured. The Caterpillar Pathfinder. Marble Run. Ladybug Counter. Gear Fun. Busy Rollercoaster. 18"x18"x27".
Tags : Kids & Babies

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Brand : Anatex

Price : 241.51


Childrens Toy Pyramid of Play

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