Yokogawa 2491-21-05-1-AHF-2-3 Digital Switchboard Meter

Yokogawa 2491-21-05-1-AHF-2-3 Digital Switchboard Meter

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2491 AC Amps / AC Volts / Frequency, Function - VOLTS AC, Input Rating - 5 AMP, Frequency - 50/60 Hz, Analog Output - 12+ - 8 mA DC, Communication - Modbus, Aux Power - 24 VDC Power Series Plus Digital Switchboard Meters The digital switchboard meter was developed by Yokogawa Corporation of America to provide our customers with a versatile AC digital power meter. The heart of our POWER SERIES PLUS meter is a programmable ASIC Power Measurement Chip (PMC) which was jointly developed by the General Electric Company and Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Set-up and Configuration The device can be set up before, or after installation in a panel. Once set up is complete, replace the cover and make the appropriate input connections.The POWER SERES PLUS can be configured for primary and secondary transformer inputs, legends, outputs and averaging function. At Yokogawa, we program each model according to the specified options required by the user. This minimizes the number of steps to set up the instrument at the job site or on the factory floor. Each model is programmed only for the options selected, so there are no unnecessary menu items. If you select a Voltmeter without analog output, then set up will be limited to PT ratios, LED display, and average setting. All can be accomplished in less than one minute. If no transformer is required, the ratio entered for PT P and PT S is 1 (1:1). Set up functions appear on the display as symbols. They are accessible when you press the MODE pushbutton located behind the front cover and beneath the LED display. After pressing MODE, you are in the setting mode "rSEt" and can begin setting up. Error codes during set up mean your inputs may be incorrect or outside of the range of the instrument. Refer to the instruction manual for range/span restrictions for each model selected. The pushbutton setting switches are described below. In order for a setting to be entered into memory, you must complete all entries for that mode such as: "PT P" and "PT S" (PT primary and PT secondary). If the values do not need to be changed from a previous setting, simply push the EN switch several times to go to the next mode. After auxiliary power connection and removal of the cover, the instruction manual will guide you through set up. Pushbutton switches are located directly below the LED display. The POWER SERIES PLUS can be set up before, or after installation in a panel. Once set up is complete, replace the cover and make the appropriate input connections. Features Scaling of the instrument for PT (potential transformer) primary ratings up to 1250:1; and CT (current transformer) primary ratings up to 5000:1. Adjustable transducer output proportionate to the primary input setting. Electrical legends (i.e., Watts, Kilowatts, Megawatts) can be set by the user and indicated by a red LED adjacent to the selected legend. Display average setting: Adjustable to obtain a "rolling average" of inputs. Increasing the number of samples reduces annoying "digit bounce" by the least significant digit. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory. If there is a loss of power to the instrument, all settings will remain as they were prior to power loss. Accuracy of ±0.2% of reading, ± 0.1% of full scale. True RMS current and voltage measuring capability. A most desirable feature when distorted wave forms are present on the line. High resolution/ high intensity LED displays that can be viewed from almost any angle.
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Brand : Yokogawa
Model : 2491-21-05-1-AHF-2-3
UPC : 632963107146

Price : 503.00


Yokogawa 2491-21-05-1-AHF-2-3 Digital Switchboard Meter

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