Advanced Nutrients - Bud Ignitor - 4 L

Advanced Nutrients - Bud Ignitor - 4 L

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Category : Garden Supply
Bud Ignitor is an early phase flower budding site and bloom booster! Maximizes yields and budding sites! Optimizes floral development and essential oils! Increases crop cycles per year! Bud Ignitor® is the ideal bud potentiator you use at the beginning of your bloom phase. Phosphorus is used by the plant to form RNA and DNA, and assists in the storage and transfer of energy and flower maturation. Use Bud Ignitor to give your blooming plants a strong start for a very pleasing harvest.
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Brand : Grow Gear
Model : 2360-15

Price : 244.26


Advanced Nutrients - Bud Ignitor - 4 L

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