54 in Corner Pad Slate Stone in Black

54 in Corner Pad Slate Stone in Black

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Category : Fireplaces and Accessories
Durable and safe hearthpad. Protects your flooring from heat of wood burning stove. Anti-scratch. Fireproof tiles. Works as both a flame arrestor and thermal barrier. Stain resistant grout. Maintenance free. Notched and welded for un-matched durability. Uses highest quality latex modified cements and grouts. Base rigid cement board. Frame powder coated steel. Certification UL-1618 by Omni Test Labs. Warranty: One year workmanship and lifetime burn-through. Made from slate stone, steel and fiber reinforced cement. Made in China. No assembly required. Thickness: 1.25 in.. 54 in. L x 54 in. W. Weight: 175 lbs.. Warranty Instructions . Installation Instructions . Please size your hearth pad appropriately to meet local Safety requirements and the requirements of your appliance as listed in its manual.
Tags : Decor

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Brand : Tretco Wholesale

Price : 371.02


54 in Corner Pad Slate Stone in Black

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