39 in Rectangular Fireplace Burner

39 in Rectangular Fireplace Burner

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Includes tool to regulate and extinguish the flame, funnel, lighter and manual. Bio-ethanol fuel. 5 qt adjustable flame. Burning time: 6 hrs. - 1 qt/h. Heating capacity: 15354 BTU. Minimum room surface: 3002 ft³ (ceiling height 8 ft.). Advised air exchange: Every one hour for rooms Assembly Instructions . If you are renovating or building a new home and you want to include a fireplace without a flue that is built into the wall, this can be simply done by inserting one of our bio-ethanol burners creating the ambiance of a clean system without the gas or wood fireplace requirements. To install in a ventilated room - living room, sitting room, dining room, veranda. Ensure that the fireplace is well attached to the wall. No chimney! No gas! No smoke! This fireplace uses bio-ethanol fuel to provide you refined warmth and bring you the joy of a real flame in your living space. Bio-ethanol burns clean and it is non-toxic. It releases very little carbon dioxide and water vapor very similar to a candle.
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Brand : Bio-Blaze

Price : 731.36


39 in Rectangular Fireplace Burner

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