Red Roosevelt Eight Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine - Bar Style

Red Roosevelt Eight Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine - Bar Style

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Category : Cookware
Tempered Glass. Old maid drawer. Deluxe model with 3 position control switch instead of the 2 position; 860 watts instead of 640 (Commercial Quality). Switches include: spot light warmer, stirrer and pot heater; heated warming deck. Built-in warmer light; popcorn scoop, reject kernel tray and kernel/oil scoop included. 8 Ounce Kettle. Warming Deck to keep the popcorn warm and fresh. 3 Switch Design. Thicker Glass: -- 40% thicker than our competition. Premium Grade Steel --30% thicker than our competition. Richer Color -- Premium paint and enhanced colors. Heavy-duty powder coated steel and stainless steel construction; cleans up with water. Makes roughly 3 gallons of popcorn per batch; minor assembly required. 110V / 860Watts. Top Machine is 25 in. H x 21' L x 18 in. D (45 lbs). These commercial quality machines feature stainless steel food-zones, easy cleaning stainless steel kettles, heated warming decks, old-maid drawers (for un-popped kernels), tempered glass side and back panels and an industry leading 8 ounce kettle operating on 860 watts. With the antique style design, you will be reminiscing about your early days at the ball game, carnival, or the movie theater. We have combined the best of both worlds--not only are you getting today's technology, you get an eclectic design with all the conveniences of the modern era. A couple of conveniences worthy of note include our exclusive old-maid drawer and tempered side panels. Our machine was designed with small perforations in the bottom stainless tray to allow the un-popped kernels to fall into the drawer. Simply rake the popped corn with a scoop and the old-maids disappear. We have sold thousands of these units to churches, schools, businesses, day care centers, varsity/PTA clubs, and more. Of course, our number 1 customer is the homeowner looking to add a theatrical effect to their home theater. Safer Packing -- double wall stock and extra packing to ensure a safe delivery Robust Design/Craftsmanship backed up by a 3 year warranty on the machine and a 30 day limited warranty on all consumable parts including kettles and/or light bulbs
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Brand : Great Northern

Price : 202.05


Red Roosevelt Eight Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine - Bar Style

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