59 in Popcorn and Concession Cart

59 in Popcorn and Concession Cart

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Category : Cookware
Built-in stirring system. Three utility shelf. 6 ounce kettle. 24 cups per batch. Vintage look. Unique and lighted concession. Large storage compartment. Easy to use and clean. Home and commercial use. Handy and convenient utility shelf. Wattage: 750 W. Warranty: 90 days. Providing a vintage look and feel, reminiscent of silent movie houses and carnivals circa-early 1900s, the cart is designed for both home and commercial use. It features a large, stainless steel kettle with a built-in stirring system and kernel catcher to keep unopposed kernels out of each perfect batch. There is a compartment in the base of the unit to store supplies, making it easy to keep the cart well stocked and organized. The other side of the base features a concession stand with three illuminated shelves to hold a variety of treats.
Tags : Kitchen

Product Specs:

Brand : Nostalgia Products

Price : 251.82


59 in Popcorn and Concession Cart

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