Love Controls 16L2034 Series 16L Limit Control

Love Controls 16L2034 Series 16L Limit Control

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Category : Controllers
16L2034 Series 16L Limit Control (1) NO Relay Output and (1) NC Relay Output Love Controls - Division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc. The 16L Series Temperature/Process FM Approved Limit Controls set a new standard in 1/16 DIN limit controls. The 16L offers universal input (10 thermocouple types, 4 RTD types, voltage, and current), single set point or dual set point. Standard features include Remote Reset capability, Peak/Valley indication, open sensor protection, input rate of change protection, and much more. Unit offers 1500 VAC resolution, selectable high or low input, programmable sensor break protection and adjustable differential. Outputs include AC solid state relays, DC SSR drive, and normally open (form A) and normally closed (form B) relays. Form A and form B relays can be setup one for each set point output and logically linked to emulate a form C output. Designed and built in the USA, the 16L family of controls offers the highest levels of features, function, and quality available today. Features FM Approved Limit Large Dual Display Universal Input Dedicated, Illuminated Reset Key Remote Reset Capability Standard Four Password Protected Security Levels Applications Boiler over temperature alarm Boiler shut down Used as a high limit temperature switch for boilers
Tags : Process Control & Automation

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Brand : Love Controls
Model : 16L2034
UPC : 646223102932

Price : 249.00


Love Controls 16L2034 Series 16L Limit Control

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