Howard Miller - Corbi Wall Clock

Howard Miller - Corbi Wall Clock

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Category : Clocks
This simple wall clock features a subtle design with many different decorative features that are subtly distinct. The numerals are gold and are set on a brown and black backdrop. The frame of the clock is finished in worn black for an aged and distressed lock. The pendulum is finished in antique brass, and is featured behind a viewing window. This wall clock is finished in Worn Black with brown accents and features a Vintage Umber finished lower door panel, dial and back panel. The dial offers gold Arabic numerals on a brown and black background. An antique brass pendulum may be viewed through a window in the front panel. Finished in Worn Black on select materials, hardwoods and veneers. Automatic nighttime chime shut-off option. Quartz, dual chime movement plays Westminster or Beethoven chimes, and features volume control and automatic nighttime chime shut-off option. 27"H x 14 1/4"W x 5"D.
Tags : Decor

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Brand : Howard Miller

Price : 382.90


Howard Miller - Corbi Wall Clock

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