40 X 54 Hay Stack Underlayment

40 X 54 Hay Stack Underlayment

Product Info:

Category : Canopies and Tarps
The Underlayment material is a heavy duty waterproof fabric that can be staked down on the ground and then stacked on. The less times you drive on the underlayment, the better it stays waterproof so some producers stretch the fabric out as they stack on it with their front end loaders. Bale wagons usually need a small modification on the spring linkage in order to not drag on the underlayment as the hay is being stacked.
Tags : Canopies & Tarps, Home, Family, Garden

Product Specs:

Brand : Canopyt
Model : IT4054-HU11

Price : 385.00


40 X 54 Hay Stack Underlayment

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