BlackBox EVNPS80-0050 Easy-Pull VGA Cable 50-ft

BlackBox EVNPS80-0050 Easy-Pull VGA Cable 50-ft

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Easy-Pull VGA Cable, 50-ft. (15.2-m). Run VGA cable through walls or inside tight conduits. This cable goes 150 feet or more! Quick Facts Panel-mount HD15 connector works perfectly with our DB9 Stainless Steel Wallplates. Perfect for system integration. Guaranteed for life! Further Details Connect PC or RGB video sources to display devices like projectors, flat plasma screens, and more. Provide 1024 x 768 video resolution up to 150 feet and 800 x 600 video resolution up to 200 feet. Super flexible! They can be pulled through 3/4" conduits, and they make pull times faster. Includes heat shrink tubing for permanent installation. Available in six standard lengths as well as custom lengths. Plenum-rated jacket. When you need to transmit high-resolution SVGA video but have to route cable behind a wall or inside a conduit, choose our Black Box Easy-Pull VGA Cable. The cable is perfect for system integration and can connect PC or RGB video to display devices such as projectors, video walls, flat plasma screens, and monitors. It maintains excellent signal strength and provides 1024 x 768 resolution up to 150 feet (45.7 m) and 800 x 600 resolution up to 200 feet (60.9 m). Designed with a proprietary construction, Easy-Pull VGA Cable is flexible and simplifies system integration. It's perfect for tight spaces and shortens pull time. In fact, the cable's construction enables it to be pulled through a 3/4" conduit! The jacket is plenum rated. It also comes with heat shrink tubing to connect the 6-pin mini DIN permanently.
Tags : Networking & Wiring

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Brand : BlackBox
Model : EVNPS80-0050
UPC : 722868721889

Price : 303.30


BlackBox EVNPS80-0050 Easy-Pull VGA Cable 50-ft

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